Who Should Pay on the First Date?

All right, why have you clicked on this article? Are you about to go on your first date? About to ask someone out? Just got asked by someone?

Or do you have a lot of dating experience and are coming here just for the gags, or to see your opinion confirmed?  If you do have experience going out on dates, we really hope our opinions on first dates match.  If not, you've been doing it wrong (since we, a men's grooming and fashion blog, know more about dating, apparently).  



This is a topic that should be very cut and dry.  Now, since this is a men’s focused blog, we are going to tackle the idea of dating as gentlemen. 

Who should pay on the first date?  Well, it depends.     

There are three scenarios that could get you to a first date.  With each of these possibilities you should, in our opinion, act differently.



The first scenario: YOU ask them out on a date. 

If that’s the case, YOU need to pay for the date. However, it’s not that straightforward.  You need to make sure that you CAN actually pay for the date you have arranged for.  So, if you are a person that can’t eat at a lavish restaurant or go skydiving on the first date (we don’t know, what do the uber-rich do with their money?), it’s fine.  Do for what you can pay for, even if it’s just the movies.  At least you won’t set false expectations for the future.    

Why do we say that you should stay in your financial lane when you go on a date? Because there is nothing more embarrassing than going on an extravagant date and then realizing you are short on cash.  That’s a meme, a tragedy and a bedtime story rolled into one.  Don’t be THAT guy. 

If your date insists on paying, pick up the tab, and agree to let them pay for the next date.  That way you have that second date is locked in.

Remember: If you ask them out, pay for your date, and only arrange for the date you can manage. 


The second scenario: THEY ask you out.

If that’s the case, they can pay.  However, make sure you carry the money to cover them, in case it’s necessary.  Be ready, and okay, with splitting the bill.  In fact, go the extra mile, be nice, and ask to pay for it.  It might make the right impression.  And you know what the right impression does, right? 


The third scenario: Your date EXPECTS you to pay simply because you are the man.

If that’s the case, run.  That’s a bright red flag if there ever was one. 

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