The EASY Beard Style Guide (based on length)

Facial hair isn't equal for everyone.  Some can grow much better facial hair than others.  This blogpost looks to tackle that problem by addressing all men.

This style guide on beards doesn't forget our patchy brothers.  Instead, it discusses all the beard styles a man could try.  There are multiple options for patchy men and the lucky, blessed men to try.  There is something here for everybody.

However, this isn't a style guide like most editorials, as we don't want to clutter the guide with differentiating similar styles just to increase the number.  This is a basic guide that goes over the fundamental styles that you need to know.  It's super simple to follow.

Note: this guide is based on LENGTH, not shape.  That guide will come soon.

We have divided the beard styles into 10 SIMPLE categories, going from shortest to longest:

  1. The Johnny Depp
  2. The Van Dyke
  3. The Goatee
  4. The Patchy Beard
  5. The 5 o'clock Shadow
  6. The Mustache Beard
  7. The Short Beard
  8. The Beard Fade
  9. The Jason Momoa
  10. a) The Long Beard with a Trimmed Mustache
    b) The Long Beard with a Thick Mustache


1) The Johnny Depp 

Despite his undeniable handsomeness, Johnny Depp has never been able to grow a full beard.  His way of dealing with that was to grow the Johnny Depp beard.  It consists of a mustache, a soul patch (the hair below the lip) and a chin cup (the hair along the chin).  

Most people associate this type of facial hair with the famous actor, and we aren't going to argue with that

Those with patchy facial hair growth can try this look if it grows thick in the areas of the muche, chin and the soul patch area, but thin in other areas. 

Model Mariano Di Vaio has also been seen sporting the Johnny Depp every now and again

To get the Johnny Depp you need to grow the beard for 2-3 weeks.  Then you need to shape it accordingly with a hair/beard trimmer or a razor.  Then, using a 3 guard, you can trim the facial hair down to a neat length.

If you're able to, you can even grow your mustache longer and do the handlebar.

We recommend keeping the facial hair down to a sensible length.  If not, you stand the risk of looking like you've time-traveled from 17th century Britain.



2) The Van Dyke

The Van Dyke is a step above the Johnny Depp.  The only difference between the two is that the soul patch connects to the chin cup in the Van Dyke beard.  That's why the Van Dyke consists of a mustache, a connected soul patch and a chin cup.

This is a David Beckham photo from at least eight years ago, proving that the Van DykeIf is fairly timeless

If you can grow a full beard and want to switch things up, or you struggle with patchy growth but can grow in the relevant areas. you should definitely try this beard.  It's a little uncommon and does look good when maintained well. 

Here is a more youthful example, if you needed one

The Van Dyke looks better when kept neat and clean.  The more well-groomed it is, the better it looks.  It's better to keep it sharp and short. 

If you want to go full historical, grow it out, but we would suggest that you don't

Unless you want to look really mature, we would suggest you run a 3-5 guard on the trimmer over your facial hair to maintain its length.  Then create the shape of the beard using the trimmer.  Then, use a razor on the clean areas for a sharper look.   


3) The Goatee

Among the Goatee, the Van Dyke and the Johnny Depp, the Goatee is the better look.  That's simply because it looks fuller and is the cleanest of the bunch.  

If the Rock does it, then so should you

The Goatee is clean, mature and sophisticated (when done right).  Everyone recognizes a good goatee. 

The Goatee can give great angle and dimension to your face

To get the goatee, grow it out for at least two weeks and then create the lines with hair trimmer.  Shave the rest with a razor for a sharp, crisp goatee.  If you want a short goatee you can run a 3-5 machine over the facial hair to keep it trimmed and neat.   

This long goatee looks amazing because it is maintained so well

If you want a longer goatee you can grow it out, but do give more care to maintain the lines and the length.  


4) The Patchy Beard

If you struggle with patchy beards, you can try the Johnny Depp, the Van Dyke or the Goatee.  However, if none of those suit you, for whatever reason, that doesn't mean there is no way to make a patchy beard work. 

Even if you don't have perfect facial hair growth, you can still grow facial hair to give dimension to your face

The key to sporting an acceptable patchy beard is to recognize which areas of your face grow in thick and which areas don't.  To do that, you need to prepare yourself to look bad for a while.  Grow it in for four weeks to see what facial hair grows.  From there on, it's all about reinforcing the good stuff and removing the bad.

Notice how Orlando Bloom keeps the thicker areas longer than the thinner areas

The principle to sporting good a good patchy beard is to keep the thick stuff and keep the thin stuff at a minimum.  Reinforce the lines, keep it sharp and own your patchiness.  As long as your thicker areas stay visible and your thin areas don't, it's fine. 

Avan Jogia doesn't have much in the way of a full beard, but he is a looker, nonetheless

This means ensuring there aren't any disconnections to still have a seamless, if not full, beard,  Where the disconnections arise, you need to keep the surrounding areas really short so the thinner areas don't become more visible.  Also, it's probably better to keep your facial hair on the shorter side.


6) The 5 o'clock Shadow / The Designer Stubble

Some people consider 5 o'clock shadow and the designer stubble as different things, bringing in terms like "black tie scruff" and things like that, but in practice, at least for normal men, these are all the same thing. 

Karthik Aaryan's stubble is very close to beard territory, we know

To those that can rock the designer stubble, it is an amazing look that models also prescribe to.  It sharpens your jawline and isn't as stuffy as a full-grown beard.

The 5 o'clock shadow works only if maintained to perfection

The designer stubble can go from making you a model to a madman within a couple of days if you can't keep up with it.  The constant upkeep is a hassle but you need to keep it maintained to look your best. 

How much David Beckham is too much David Beckham?

To grow a designer stubble, you will need anything between 4-5 days to two weeks.  You can then eliminate any neck hair and sharpen the neck and cheek lines to get the designer stubble look.  To maintain it you will probably need to run a 1-guard on a trimmer over your face.

Remember to keep the necklines and cheek lines sharp for the 5 o'clock shadow to look good.  If not, you will just look unkempt.


6) The Mustache Beard

This beard is divisive.  Some people like it, some people think it's hot garbage.  But we have an obligation to present the Mustache Beard to you anyway. 

Showing Henry Cavill as an example is pointless because he looks good doing anything

This is a look that's both modern and classical at the same time.  We can't quite put our finger on it. 

This is a possible alternative for those with patchy beards

It's unique, and any person with a good mustache can pull it off.  If standing out is something for you, why not try the mustache beard? 

If you are uncomfortable with the thought of only a mustache, this should do the trick

You need to grow your mustache for at least 3-4 weeks to get it to a sizable length.  Then you need to trim your beard down significantly.  We suggest running a 2 or 3 guard over the rest of your beard to get the look.


7) The Short Beard

We now enter the full beards section.  Among the full beards, the most professional of the bunch is the short beard.  This is another beard that takes various forms in editorial magazines, but what it really is is a short beard. 

Chris Evans looks good anyway, but the beard takes him to unattainable levels of handsomeness

The short beard is rugged, but professional.  This is the beard you should go to if you can grow one and are in a setting that demands professionalism.  Not only will you look masculine, you will also look mature.  

Clean, classy, sexy.

The short beard will give your face symmetry, which is an important aspect of good looks.

The best place to get a shorter beard is to get it done at the barber. If not, running a 4-guard on your trimmer will at least bring the beard length down.  Without a hairdresser, however, you are unlikely to manage the same sharp lines that you can get at a salon or barbershop.  To learn how to trim your beard you can check out our guide on how to trim your own beard.  

You can't look this good without constant upkeep 

A shorter beard will need regular maintenance.  The appeal of the shorter beard comes from shape, so your neck needs to be clear of hair and your cheek lines need to be maintained.   You will also need to moisturize the skin underneath to keep the beard hair healthy.  You can use a beard oil to achieve this result.  If not, at least dig in to your skin and apply some moisturizer.  


8) The Beard Fade

The Fade isn't really about length.  A Beard Fade can be created for any length of hair.  All that matters is that your sidelocks are faded into the beard to create a sharp, clean look. 

The Fade is a clean, clean, clean look

Since a majority of you still get fades for haircuts, fading in your beard gives this interesting bridge in the sidelock area.  It creates a beautiful, smooth transition from hair to beard.

The Fade Beard can be faded in pretty high, giving it a more natural look

The Beard Fade allows for tremendous versatility in the length and the thickness of the beard.  You can really do a lot with it.  Moreover, the fades themselves can be high on the cheek, towards the middle or lower on the cheek.

The Fade requires a LOT of maintenance

The Fade requires constant upkeep, more so than any other beard.  The entire look of the beard comes from the fade, and it's next to impossible to maintain that by yourself.  You will probably need to go to the salon every week AT LEAST if you want to keep that fade crisp and clean.


9) The Jason Momoa

You've all come across Aquaman, right? Khal Drogo? Doesn't matter, but this man is like the manliest of men.  You can find him laughing loudly, chugging beers, throwing tomahawks, sporting textured long hair with incredible tattoos and an admirable physique gifted only to the Greek Gods. 

Jason Momoa is a man crush for many young men

Part of his masculine appeal is in his long beard.  It fits perfectly with the entire picture that is his physical appearance.

That long hair and beard looks pretty good, eh?

Note that the facial hair Jason Momoa's cheeks is not as full as someone who can grow a full, thick beard.  But, he is an example for those who do grow thicker hair in the lower portion of their face.  If you do feel like your beard is patchy, you might want to consider this possibility: you may have an Aquaman-Esque beard in hiding.  Don't lose hope.


10. a) The Long Beard with a Trimmed Mustache

We'll keep this short: if you want to grow a long, luscious beard but you also want to eat your food in peace, then you should trim your mustache.  

A longer beard looks neater with a trimmed mustache

Who doesn't like a good long, beard? (Well, there are naysayers, but forget them).  Know that the beard will take time to grow, but it will be worth it.

The Trimmed Mustache allows you to have your cake and eat it too if you are in a formal setting

The trimmed mustache allows for a little more formality when compared to long beards with grown mustaches.  The trimmed mustache removes some of the width of the mustache and also gives it a neater look. 

To learn how to maintain a longer beard, click here.  To learn how to grow one, click here


 10. b) The Long Beard with a thick Mustache

The thick mustache can be of multiple levels of thickness.  For simplicity's sake, we're putting them all in one category.  The thick mustache includes the walrus mustache and the thick, handlebar mustache and everything that grows to reach Albus Dumbledore levels. 

The handlebar mustache and the beard work perfectly together

A "medium" length beard also comes under the long beard category.  Anything longer than three inches at the bottom is a long beard.  

This would be a "medium" length beard, but the growth and maintenance practices are the same

A long beard needs at least 4 months to grow.  Doing the math, one grows half an inch of hair every month. So if you want to hit that 2-3 inch mark, you need at least 4-6 months.  A good, longer beard requires up to 8 months, and if you're going for the crazy long beards, be prepared to grow it out for a year, at least.  Meanwhile, remember to get the cheek lines maintained.  As your beard starts to get longer, you won't need to attend to the neck hairs too much, but that situation would probably only come about around the six-month mark. 

This photo just looks good

To maintain your beard, you need to provide adequate nourishment to it.  To avoid flaky skin, you need to moisturize your beard with beard oil.  If not, it'll get all itchy and uncomfortable.  To style it, use some beard balm to give it the right shape and hold.  Beard wax can be used to get the handlebar mustache right.  The longer the beard, the lesser upkeep at the barber, but the more products you need to keep it looking good.



That's all from us! We hope you found some value in this article, and that you will try one of these styles and look even better than you do now.  Not every style may be for you, but this should still offer some inspiration for your next trim.

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