Quarantine Hair - Go Bald or Go Long?

UAE has eased out on the lockdown restrictions. Although, if you have clicked on this article, you probably miss your barber but don't want to take any chances going outside for non-essential reasons, and rightfully so. Some of you may have even pulled the trigger and got the Corona Cut (that is what we call the Buzzcut in 2020) because your hair was getting too difficult to control. 

Now, we're here to help you decide what to do with your hair. Some of you have been patient with your hair, but are considering cutting it, whereas other unfortunate souls have completely butchered it (of which there are many) and are looking for a fix. Fear not, we have something for everyone. This post covers EVERYTHING about Quarantine Hair.

Albert Einstein after therum of Quarantine Hair

We here at Groombox have taken a scientific approach (100% approved by Einstein) by defining how to cut, maintain and style whatever hair you decide to keep. There are three possible ways to go about this: 

Buzzing your hair

There is NO BETTER time to try the Corona Cut. It's simple, effective, and it feels great. It's also the most rugged and effortless look you could try during this quarantine season. If you're on the fence about it or have ever considered how you'd look with a buzz cut, you should definitely go for it now. You probably won't look as bad as you think you will. Who knows, you could be surprised by how well it suits you. Besides, it's hair, so it will grow back anyway.

Man trimming his hair

How to: 

  1. Grab a hair trimmer. 
  2. Place a sheet of newspaper or a towel underneath to avoid the mess when buzzing your hair.
  3. You can either do it yourself or ask someone else to do it for you.  We recommend the latter, so you avoid missing any spots. If you're doing it alone, go over the same place a few times to ensure that you don't miss anything.
  4. We suggest to start with the number 3 guard on the trimmer and hack it all off. If you like it, keep it, if not, you can go shorter.

Tip: Keep in mind that a GUARD 3 ACCENTUATES ROUNDNESS, so if you have a rounder face, you should go shorter.

Maintenance: Nothing is required in terms of maintenance. That is the appeal. 

Styling: The various styles come from the length of the guard you choose on your trimmer.

Justin Timberlake pulling off the buzzcut while sporting a great beard

Facial hair also improves the look of a buzz cut, as seen in the picture of Justin Timberlake above. 

It adds some dimension to your face by giving it the illusion of extra length, so your face won't look as round.

Cutting your Hair

If a regular haircut is what you seek, know that that ship may have already sailed. You should be about 2-4 weeks too late to do this effectively, as the base that your barber had set for you is gone. It's going to be almost impossible to replicate your barber's magic. However, if you insist on doing this, consider a few precautionary measures. 

How to:

Going over cutting your own hair through text may not be as helpful as a video. You must know that it can be very tedious to do by yourself, so at least ask someone to help you with the back of your head.  

Below is a video by influencer Alpha M, one of the biggest names in the men's fashion and grooming space on YouTube. He goes over the process of how to cut your own hair.


Important Tips:

  • Pay close attention to the sectioning of your hair. If you're doing a fade, learn how to use clippers appropriately. It is not as straightforward as it looks.
  • Cutting your hair REQUIRES patience and preparation. Don't try it if you're in a hurry to get somewhere. Take your time. Cut each strand deliberately.  
  • It's better to cut less than to cut more and regret. 
  • Know that if you do cut your hair, you're unlikely to get a perfect result. An adequate cut is definitely possible, though, so Good Luck!

Maintenance: All guidelines we provide for maintaining your hair are discussed in the Growing your Hair section.

Styling: If you pull this off (mad respect!), you are good to style your hair and keep it the way you prefer. 

Growing your Hair

The last choice, and perhaps the easiest, since you do nothing, is to grow your hair out. If you've ever wanted to try growing your hair out, give it a shot now. It is also the safer option to let it grow and bring the mess to your barber once all of this dies down.

But while you’re growing your mane, consider maintaining your facial hair to avoid looking like an animal. To know how you can get THE PERFECT SHAVE every single time, read our 6 step guide here.

How to: Naturally, no tools or processes are required when growing your hair. 

All of your concern lies with maintenance and styling.

Maintenance: There a few things to consider when growing your hair.  

If your hair is unhealthy, it will show, so take measures to improve its health. This time is better than any to nourish your scalp and indulge in some self-care. 

Try massaging your scalp with a HAIR OIL at least 10-20 minutes (MINIMUM) before your shower and then leave it, so it nourishes your hair and reduces the chances of split ends. 

Hair oils also help with hair growth, boosting the process. Coconut or Almond Oil should definitely do the trick.

You could also try using a HAIR MASK once a week to replenish your hair. 

There are natural options - such as a mixture of strawberries, egg yolk, and olive oil - or products that can do this for you. To use a hair mask, you start with clean, towel-dried hair. Then, apply and massage the product on your scalp and throughout your hair. Then, comb your hair to spread the product evenly. Leave the product for about 10 minutes and then rinse it out.

Healthy hair would guarantee that it looks much better as it grows out.

Note: if you want to have hair that you can tie back, it requires about 10-14 months of growth depending on your genetics. 

Styling: If you ever feel the need to get out of the house, you can either wear a hat or style your hair before you leave.

There are many styles that you can try as your hair grows out. Some inspirations for medium length hairstyles are Brad Pitt (pictured above) and Harry Styles. 

To style your hair, start with damp hair after washing your hair with shampoo. 

You could put a drop of hair oil (coconut or almond) before styling to precondition your hair. Then, comb your hair into place while using a blow dryer on the cold setting. Follow that by using a light hair product to set your hair.

Keep in mind that your hair type may not suit certain hairstyles. If your hair is very coarse, chances are longer hairstyles will not suit you. Alternatively, if you are hair is fine or wavy, you may want to try it.

Are you growing, cutting, or buzzing your hair? We at Groombox will have our barbers deal with our mess as we grow it out till quarantine ends.

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