How to Trim Your Beard

Quarantine may have given you the perfect excuse to hide in your cave and experiment with a beard, but that's no excuse to rejoin the world looking like Tom Hanks from Cast Away.

To help you take your beard game to the next level, we're here to walk you through the entire process of trimming and grooming your beard, so you never walk out looking like THAT. 


To keep your beard on point, you'll need these tools in your arsenal:

  1. Beard trimmers/ clippers (These should work for most),
  2. A razor (Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power),
  3. A towel,
  4. Beard wash (Bulldog Beard Wash),
  5. Beard oil (Babel Alchemy has some pretty good beard oils),
  6. Beard brush (Can you Handlebar Brush),
  7. Shaving Brush and Shaving Cream/Gel (Optional, we talk more about the shaving aspect here),
  8. Barber shears (Optional, recommended for longer beards).

The Steps

1. Wash your beard

Take a hot shower (much easier) or simply wash your face and use a beard shampoo at the sink to get all the sweat, dirt, and grime out of your beard. Since wet hairs are more extended, trimming them won't give you a good idea of what your beard will look like when it has dried out. So dry yourself and your beard with a towel.

2. Brush your beard out

Brush your beard along the direction of your natural hair growth and get your beard to look like it does every day. Doing this should let you spot uneven beard growth and scraggly bits sticking out.

3. Trim using clippers

How you use your clippers will vary on the length of the beard you're going for:

For a short-length beard:

Short Beard

  • Begin by attaching guard number 3 on your clippers (or set it at 10 mm). When trimming, keep in mind that you can cut more with a smaller guard later, but you can never bring back lost length. So, cut as little length as possible at first.
  • Prune your beard and mustache down to an even length initially.
  • Short beards look even and proportionate when they're denser around the chin and mustache, and cropped tight around jaws and cheeks. To get that desired look, attach guard number 2 to your clippers (or set it to 6mm) and trim up against your jaws and cheeks. It'll visually add weight to your jawbone and give people the illusion that your face is longer than it really is.
  • Then take your clippers and trim the area just over your upper lip line to keep your lips clear off of any mustache hair. You need the mustache to have some bulk because of the density of your beard around your chin. So don't trim into the mustache and take away its length.

For a medium-length beard:

You've got to be a little careful when venturing into medium length beards. Donning this look requires routine maintenance using the right techniques. You'll look twice as handsome if you do things correctly, but you can easily slip into goofball territory if you let things slide. 


  • Start by attaching guard numbers 3 or 4 (10 or 13mm), pointing the tip of your guard straight down, and scraping the clipper down your cheeks, mustache, and chin. The goal here isn't to reduce the length or bulk of your beard. The goal instead is to cut away hairs that are growing out and away from your face.
  • When you're done shaping your beard, take off your clipper guard and trim just above your lip line to cut away mustache hairs hanging over your upper lip. You don't want coffee or tea getting onto your mustache, do you? Or even worse, dipping your mustache into drinks that you're sharing with your friends or loved ones (sorry).

For a long-length beard:

Massive beards are the ultimate way you can flaunt your masculinity. You'll need some finesse to tame it, and a LOT of patience while you wait for your beard to reach your desired length. It will take many months for you to nail your final look down.

Crafting your long bushy beard right will effortlessly signal your abundant machismo whenever you walk into a room. But getting it wrong can make you look homeless. Although you won't have to spend a lot of time maintaining it, and you should be pleased to hear that because let's face it, you're busy doing other badass things with your life. 


  • To get that nice, longer beard, trim the strays on your sides by brushing your beard downwards with a clipper.
  • Freehand with your clippers to maintain and tidy up your sideburns and cheek line.
  • Let your mustache grow out long and hang over your lips if you want them to. But if you don't fancy that, comb your mustache outwards towards the end of your lips and clip away hairs that are too long. Long mustaches do suit long beards well. 

Longer beards need fewer trims but see to it that you're touching up at least twice a month.

4. Clean up your neck and cheek lines

For the neck-line:

To get the perfect neck-line, tilt your head up and place your index and middle fingers over your Adam's apple. Now, visualize a straight line between the two corners of your jaw that passes over the top of your index finger. This imaginary line will mark the boundary for your neckline. Take off your clipper guard, and trim everything under it.  

Sticking to the Joey's apple rule will give you the perfect neckline every time. You don't have to be a stickler to it, though. Depending on the length of your beard, you can go higher up towards your chin if you want a shorter beard, or lower towards your neck if you have a longer beard.

For the cheek-line:

Low cheek-lines on short beards aren't flattering. They look similar to a chinstrap. So if you have a short beard, attach guard number 1 (3mm) and move your clipper over your natural cheek line, slowly and away from your face for a soft fade. A soft fade will give you a streamlined look. But feel free to skip this step if you're a fan of hard lines.

Soft fade vs. Hard line

If you have a medium-length beard, feel free to go lower than your natural cheek line. A lower cheek line will visually elongate your face. You can finish off your lines with a soft fade, but we'd recommend you to stick with hard lines as they complement medium length beards better.

Medium length beard

Clippers and trimmers do their job well, but they are no match against a razor at cleaning things up. So use a little bit of shaving gel and shave over your cheek lines and under your necklines with a high-quality razor to look sharper.

5. Wash your beard

Trimming your beard will leave a lot of hair fragments on and around your face. They can get irritating quite quickly, especially if they manage to get inside your shirt, pant, or sock (this is the worst, no idea how it gets there). So use a beard shampoo again and get all those loose hair bits out. Then rub your beard dry with a towel.

6. Style your beard using beard oil 

Either use a beard brush or your hands to apply a few drops of beard oil on your beard to wrap things up. You don't want a greasy-looking beard, so don't go overboard with the oil. Beard oil will hydrate and soften your whiskers while keeping it fresh and smelling good (if using scented) for long.

A well-groomed beard symbolizes manliness, strength, and wisdom. So get the right grooming products, follow our tips, and put them all to good use to sculpt an unabashedly glorious beard on to your face that packs a hefty punch!

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