How to NEVER Get a Bad Haircut Again

Think of this very common scenario: 

You've come back from the barber.  You're fuming.  You've got a bad haircut yet again.  You think the barber is to blame, but you're not sure what the problem is.  Somehow, telling them "Cristiano's second half haircut in Portugal's World Cup 2014 game vs Ghana" was not good enough.   Why is this happening?

What a blast from the past

Well, you're not doing it right.  Let's correct that, shall we?  This article will go over the important aspects to adhere to if you want a GOOD haircut EACH time you go the salon.

Thus, to get the haircut you want every single time, you need to:  

Find a Good Barber

This goes without saying, but there is no way to get a good haircut without a good barber/hairstylist/hairdresser.

You need to find a good barber
You need to find a good barber if you want a good haircut

While there is no way to know a good barber at a glance, one way to find a good barber is to speak to the people in your circle that have good haircuts.  Ask them who they get their cuts from.  This might be a good place to start. 

However, a bad barber is not the only reason for bad hair.  The other reason you’re getting bad haircuts is that you may not even know what you want.


Prepare Yourself Before Going

Before you go to the barber, take some time to decide what haircut you want this time.  Do you buzzcut, an undercut, a fade, or a crew cut?  Maybe a celebrity’s hairstyle?  Whatever it is, you need a little preparation before you meet your hairdresser.

Decide what haircut you want
Decide what haircut you want before you go for a haircut

If you want the exact same hairstyle as a celebrity or a model, try to get pictures of their front, side and back.  This will help the hairstylist form the exact haircut in their mind.

Form a clear picture in your own head of what you want.  The barber isn’t a mind reader, and even if he was, what good is a fuzzy, blurry picture going to do him.

Once you have a clear picture in your head, and a clearer picture in your hand, you may still get a terrible haircut if you’re not going to communicate well.


COMMUNICATE When You Get There

Make the hairdresser’s job a little easier, will you?  Your barber is not Professor X.

To ensure you get a good haircut, you need to TALK to your barber.  Follow these steps to ensure the two of you are on the same page:

  • Make yourself comfortable with talking to the hairdresser.  Do whatever is necessary.  Drink coffee, take a cold shower, give yourself a few slaps on the face.  Do whatever you can to ensure you are ready to talk to him.  

  • When you get there, show them the picture(s) to let them know the general haircut you are thinking of.  Explain what you want similar and what you want different from the pictured haircut. 

  • Discuss lengths, but not numbers.  Don’t get into an inches or centimeters discussion.  Hold portions of your hair to show the lengths that you want.  If you know what lengths on the clipper you want, tell them. 

  • Discuss the little things.  Talk sideburns, the arches over the ear, and the back of your head.  Do you want the back squared, rounded, or tapered? The latter is the simplest option.

The back of your hair is also important to your hairstyle

  • Let them know what you want to with your hair.  Do you want a large, voluminous quiff? Maybe a nice swoopy hairdo? Something textured and spiky? Maybe you want to grow your hair out?  Whatever it is, tell them what you want. 

  • If you have any concerns, tell them.  Spill everything out.  That one detail you keep from them may be what holds you back from getting the haircut you want.

  • Once you’ve explained to them what you want, you must


Listen to the Barber, then Discuss

Even after you’ve done all this hard work, the hairstyle you chose may not be for you.  A hairstylist is supposed to be a professional at assessing your hair type, hair texture and face shape to determine if a particular hairstyle will suit you.

Discussion with your barber is key to a good haircut

Once you’re done explaining, let them tell you what they will do and if your haircut of choice will work.  Based on different factors, the hairdresser will tell you if a slightly shorter length or a slightly different shape, based on the hairstyle you want, would suit you better.

This back and forth is the most important thing to getting a GOOD haircut.  If you and your hairdresser are connected, then all will be good.

With all that said, there are still some things that you will need to keep in mind.


Follow these General Tips

The following are some general tips to always getting a good haircut: 

  • Chose the right time to go.  If you have taken an appointment, be on time.  If you don’t take an appointment, never go on a weekend or the day before a public holiday like Eid.  Chose a time when the barber can have some peace of mind to do their job right.

Never go to the barbershop on a busy day

  • If you feel like the barber is doing something you don’t want, stop him.  This is hard, we know, but it's for the best.  Just don’t be rude or accusatory.

  • If the hairdresser asks, “Should I cut it shorter,” 99% of the time, you should say no.  It’s always better to cut less than more.   

  • You need two haircuts to decide if a particular hairdresser is good or not.  If the first haircut isn’t satisfactory, try to communicate more clearly the second time.  If they still mess you up, ditch them.

  • If you do like a barber and the haircut they’ve given you, stick with them. Be a regular for them.  It lets them know you appreciate them.   

  • If you get a haircut that you really like, and what to stick with it for a while, snap a picture of the front, back and sides.  In case you need to go to a new hairstylist, you have a perfect picture to show them. 

Make sure you follow these tips to get the best haircut for yourself.  That's all from us! We hope you found some value in this article.  Good Luck with your next haircut!

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