FACE 101: 9 Essential Practices for an AMAZING-looking Face

We can't say that everyone has been blessed with the perfect face.  Not everyone has been given the features reserved only for models, but we can say for certain that even the best looking person needs to take a lot of care to continue looking good.  This article goes over some of the basic areas of your face you need to tend to get the best-looking face.  There are 9 practices spread across 7 areas of your face that you need to improve if you want to look better.  The practices are simple and can be incorporated into your routine as soon as possible.  It must be said that we have stripped this article down to the essentials with none of the bulk and only the good stuff.  We hope you enjoy reading and get a lot of use out of it.

Now, without any waste of your reading time, all men need to be considering the following SEVEN things if they want to look their best: 

Managing Your Facial Hair

Taking Care of your Skin

Your skin is the first aspect of the face that springs to mind.  The problem with skin is that it's specific to each person.  There are different skin types, each with their own set of problems.  It’s a whole can of worms, honestly.  With that in mind, a good place to start is by learning your skin type.  This will dictate what products you use and how you can care for it accurately.  Check our guide on skin types and how to care for them.  That guide covers the basics of what products you need to keep your skin clean and healthy.


Check out our guide on skin types and how to care for them.


And so, that is the first practice: learn your skin type and care for it accordingly. 

However, skin is about more than just face washes and moisturizers (although it is important, and don’t you dare skimp on it out of laziness), there is also your diet to consider.  Diet affects your skin substantially and it is pivotal if you want to look better.   


Thus, for the second practice, you need to consider your diet and make the right changes if needed.  Here, are some things to consider:

  • Drink Water
    This is the simplest way to get your skin looking radiant (yes, that’s a word we can use for good “male” skin, don’t worry).  Water gets you hydrated which helps release toxins.  In turn, this will reduce breakouts.  On the other hand, people with dry skin encounter less dryness if they are better hydrated.  Water is good for you in every way, and you will observe its positive impact on your skin if you drink more.  About 3.7 liters is appropriate, so try hitting that mark moving forward. 



  • Avoid Processed Foods:
    These include frozen foods, flavored nuts, potato chips, instant noodles, cheese, granola bars, etc.  All of these items contain abundant amounts of sugar, salt, oil and calories. Eating a lot of these items will result in breakouts and/or dead-looking skin.  While we aren’t dieticians, we can suggest that you eat processed foods in lower amounts with confidence.


  • Eat Veggies for the LOVE OF GOD:
    Get greens, reds, and yellows into your diet.  Throw them all into a grinder and make a smoothie if need be.  It will taste like a carpet, but you can get it out of the way all at once.  The reason vegetables are good is because they provide antioxidants, which are linked to improving skin.  Don’t ask us more, we are just collecting the information you need to know and that’s all. 


Spoiler alert: Tomatoes, Salmon and Berries are good for your skin


For the specific vegetables themselves, you could add the following into your rotation: kale and spinach in greens, redder tomatoes and maybe some avocado. 

Start with the basics and add more healthy foods to improve your diet.  Eating vegetables that are healthy for you will result in fuller, livelier skin as the vegetables help support that (please don’t ask us how, but if you are curious then you can read the Forbes article here.

Quickfire round of items that are good for your skin: Walnuts, Salmon, Flaxseed, Low-fat dairy, berries of all kinds.

The key is to find a balanced diet, which is the route to a healthier body as a whole.


Managing your Facial Hair

This is a call to both bearded and clean-shaven men: do whatever you want with your facial hair, but ensure you attend to it regularly if you want to look good.

Clean-shaven or bearded Cap? Choices, Choices, Choices.


This is the third grooming practice of the day: stay regular with maintaining your facial hair (or lack thereof).  This is simple and doesn’t even require science to explain.  You can’t clean shave and then leave it alone for a few days and look all scraggly and unkempt.  Similarly, you can’t let your beard grow all over your face and neck when you have important meetings to attend. 

Whether you want to go clean-shaven, bearded, or sport that luxurious Tom Ford- 5 ‘o clock shadow, you need to maintain it regularly.  As long as you do that you will look great.

The practice is slightly different for the clean look or the bearded one, but in principle, it’s not that different.

For the clean-shaven look, you must remember the following:

  • You must shave properly to avoid nicks and cuts.  Check out our guide on doing the perfect shave if you are unsure on how to do so. 
  • The practice of effective skincare is very important.  Don’t forget that.  There is a lot more observable surface area with a clean-shaven look so you need to maintain your skin really well. 

  • Shave for your skin type.  Not everyone can shave with the same products and the same razors.  Sensitive skin is not the same as normal skin.
  • It would help to have a jawline, but that is a weight issue and we don’t judge you on that.  If you do need help with weight loss you can read our easy 15-minute workout for beginners.


If you are maintaining a beard, you must remember the following:

  • Wash your beard at least 3 times a week.

  • Keep your beard nourished and hydrated with some beard oil, or at the very least some moisturizer.  Which every you use, you need to dig in and make contact with the skin underneath, as that is the place that requires the nourishment,
  • TRIM the beard regularly. We are reiterating here, true, but it must be done.  A trimmed neckline and good cheek line-up instantly elevate your look.



Maintaining your eyebrows is not rocket science, nor should it be.  Eyebrows do not require that much attention, but the little care that you give will do wonders for your face. 



This is the fourth grooming practice we have for you: maintain your eyebrows. 

The following is a general method to trim your eyebrows:

  • Get a hold of a pair of tweezers (yes, tweezers), a comb, and a small pair of scissors.
  • Use a comb to determine where your eyebrow starts and ends.  Your eyebrow starts vertically upwards from the middle of your nostril.  Your eyebrow ends at the line that joins the outer end of your nostril, the outer end of your eye and your eyebrow.  Any hair outside of this needs to be removed

The guidelines you need to follow when trimming your eyebrows

  • Start in the middle and eradicate any semblance of a unibrow.  With the tweezers, pluck any hair that grows in the area between your eyebrows.  Mind you: tweezing hurts a lot, but it will be worth your pain.


  • Pluck the hair past the outer region of your eyebrow.  This alone will improve your eyebrows drastically.
  • Next, take your comb and slowly comb all the eyebrow hair upwards.  Then, press the hair with the comb and cut the longer hairs.  You just need to follow the upper line of where the bulk of your eyebrow lies, and cut anything that is longer than that.


The other options for taming your eyebrows are threading and waxing.  Both of these can be done in salons.  The only thing you should AVOID is taking a razor to the eyebrow area. 

Most men should look to strike a balance between unkempt and overly kempt eyebrows.  The former looks frightening while the latter is overly feminine, and not in a good way.

Martin Scorcese: Fantastic director, questionable brows

The unkempt eyebrows come in two forms usually: the unibrow and the bushy-brow (we had more negative terms to describe the two, but we chose not to use that).  Both types need to attended to in order to achieve a balance in the upper portion of your face.  If you are either of these people, it’s best you get it done at the salon or the barbershop, and then start regular maintenance using the guidelines we've provided above.

How do Bosingwa's brows look both kempt and unkempt?

Whatever you do, just don’t let the brows go too wild.  On the other hand, you also don’t want to overdo it and keep it too shapely.  You want it to look natural, but not like I-was-abandoned-in-a-forest-for-years-natural.  It’s all about balance. 


Making your Eyes look their best 

If your eyes are the window to the soul, why would we let it be ugly? (Okay, we don't know where we were taking that). You don’t need blue, green or hazel eyes to have good looking eyes only.  Sure, those eye colors are considered to be the most attractive, but that shouldn’t stop you from optimizing whatever eyes you do have. 


According to us, the areas of the eyes you MUST tackle are the white portion of your eyes, known as the sclera, and the skin around the eyes.

Let’s start with the sclera.  Improving the whites of your eyes is the fifth grooming habit you must practice.  The whiter your eye, the more it pops, and the more it pops, the more attractive the eyes.  Whiter eyes imply vitality and good health, and that liveliness looks attractive.  To achieve whiter eyes you need to remember the following:

  • Sleep is the primary factory that determines how your eyes look.  If you don’t get 7-8 hours of sleep, you will be more tired.  This will show up as redness in the eye.
  • Redness may also be caused by allergies.  If you are suffering from redness even if you are getting the required amount of sleep, you may need to visit the optometrist.

  • If you don’t have any allergies, your eyes may be red due to dryness.  Even in this case, a visit to the optometrist is recommended, but you can always use lubricating eye drops to reduce any discomfort.  Your eyes will whiten upon using them.

  • Dryness comes from a lack of hydration, so drink water, which is the solution to many problems.
  • If your eyes are not red, but yellow instead, this may be an indication of a deeper health problem.  You should probably go to the doctor to get that looked at.  All in all, both red and yellow detract your eyes from looking good.


The skin around your eyes also determines how good your eyes look.  Different factors come into play with regards to your skin: if you are younger, you probably have dark circles from bad sleeping habits, and if you are older, you likely suffer from wrinkles. 

This is the sixth grooming practice you need to remember: be mindful of the skin around your eyes.  Unlike other areas of your face, signs of aging or tiredness can show up very quickly around the eyes.  Apparently, neither age nor tiredness is good looking, but remember that we didn’t choose it to be like that.  To ensure that the region around your eyes looks good, you can practice the following:

  • Sleep.  This is the same as the earlier point.  If you are tired, your eyes will look sunken, or you will have dark circles, or your eyes will look puffy.  Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep regularly.
  • One quick fix to get rid of puffiness instantly is to place two silver spoons in the freezer for an hour or so.  After that, place the spoons on the area under your eyes.  The cold will reduce the swelling, and increase blood flow.  In very little time, your eyes and your face will look rejuvenated.  This is a great tip if you have an event where you need to look your best.

  • If you have more time on your hands, you can also place slices of cucumber on your eyes for some time.  This reduces puffiness.  It basically does the same thing as the spoons but is just more relaxing, so why not?
  • If you aren’t old enough to have wrinkles yet, or are starting to see some, you need to start using eye cream.  It’s not too much trouble, but it does cost you.  However, eye cream is an investment worth making if you want to combat the aging process.  Even if you are slightly older, you can use natural eye creams or eye serums that can reduce dryness around the area.  These products will replenish the skin around your eyes and will make your eyes look so much better.

At the end of the day, you want your eyes to look lively, and not like not they are dead.  That alone can make you look better. 


Nose and Ear Hair

Without a doubt, nose and ear hair growth is one of nature’s inexplicable occurrences.  What purpose does nose hair serve? What benefit does it have? What role does evolution play in this awkwardly located hair growth? How is it ugly and unhygienic and out of our control, all at the same time?

Clearly, we don’t like nose and ear hair, so our next grooming habit should be apparent.  Our seventh grooming practice is that we implore you to annihilate any trace of nose and ear hair.  

Please don't let this happen to you

Both types of hair get more prominent as you grow older.  During middle age, these infuriating hairs grow longer and become abundant.  You need to purchase a nose hair trimmer to take care of these hairs.  This is the safest, and least painful way to get rid of this kind of hair.  An electric hair trimmer is easy to use and avoids any chance of infection or injury.  Your other option is to get it waxed at the salon.  This option will keep the ugly hairs at bay for longer, as they will grow slower.

If you ask us, the nose hair trimmer is a reasonable investment.  It takes care of the bothersome hairs and is uncomplicated as can be. 

Keep in mind that trimming and waxing are the only suggestions we have made.  Do not try anything else!  PLEASE DO NOT TAKE CUT OR PLUCK NOSE HAIR.  You could hurt or infect yourself.

All in all, we hope you get rid of the abominable ear and nose hair, reader. Trim it or wax it, but do not pluck it or cut it. 



Lips are VERY important.  You know why, right? We don’t get into it, then.

You can’t be having dry, bleeding, chapped lips, nor can you have really dark purplish lips.  Both are really unattractive, so you need to combat either or both, depending on your lifestyle.

Thus, the eighth grooming practice is to maintain your lips.  The first place to improve your lips is to tend to dry, dead, chapped lips by:

  • Exfoliating.  This involves getting rid of dead skin cells on your lips.  The easiest way to do this is to use your toothbrush in the morning and slowly scrubbing wet lips.  This will get rid of the outermost layer of the skin, leaving fresher and more colored lips. 
  • Moisturizing.  This is the obvious practice to get rid of dry lips.  Use a lip balm or Vaseline every night before you sleep.  Your lips will be moisturized and look fuller and therefore more attractive.

The second thing about your lips is you must ensure your lips are light in color.  They need to be a shade pink, not some ugly shade of purple.  Now, there is a genetic factor here, and if that is the case, well, your lips aren’t ugly.  But if it isn’t genetic and your lips can be improved then you must try the following:

  • Avoid smoking.  This is the one habit that is most attributed to dark lips, so if you are a smoker and your lips are dark, this may be the cause.
  • Know that diet and overexposure to sunlight may also so play a role in contributing to dark lips.  Dehydration, overconsumption of caffeine, and stress can also darken your lips. If these are problems in your lifestyle, figure out if there is something you change do about it. 
  • Use a lip scrub.  This product does help with lightening lips. 
  • There are several natural options you can try applying that include potato slices, lemon, and almond oil.

David Gandy is the epitome of most things men, but we invoke him here to show the ideal shade of his lips




Good oral health is ESSENTIAL.  Your teeth contribute so much to your look that we could never cover the full extent of it with this article.  So, to prove it here is a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo going from zero to hero. 

Just look at the difference here!

See the difference?  While the hair and other grooming factors played a role in improving Cristiano's appearance, the marked difference came from the lips.  It instantly catapulted Ronaldo to the list of the best looking men in the world.

That being said, this article is about grooming practices, and not about what an orthodontist or a dentist should be doing for you – like braces or retainers or something for your gums.  That really isn’t our department.  All we can help you with the easy stuff.

The grooming practice you can commit to is our ninth lesson of the day: brush twice a day, floss regularly, and use teeth whitening treatments of some kind.   

You can brush with teeth whitening toothpastes every morning and night.  Flossing regularly is good anyway.  For teeth whitening, there are various products available in stores like teeth whitening strips, online instruments that can do it, or dental treatments that you can do. 



That's all from us! We hope you found some value in this article, and that you will incorporate these practices and look even better than you do now.  Good Luck!

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