8 ACCESSIBLE Men’s Fashion Trends in 2020

Here’s the problem with men’s fashion trends: something that’s trendy today will be obsolete tomorrow, and then trendy again the day after.  It can be annoying, but what you should do is define your own sense of style as you go along.  While that happens, you can evolve your style by incorporating trendy items in a way that can last you longer than a single season.

It must be said that not all trends are bad or a fad ( that rhymes!).  True, some are absolutely ludicrous, but some are actually cool.  Applying those would make you fashionable but not clown-like.  Those are the kind of trends you should seek, and we are bringing those to you. 


This article covers 8 trends that you can embrace without the fear of looking weird.  We have included links that take you to the specific items you want to look at specifically.  So, the 8 accessible trends that any man can follow are:

  1. Relaxed Fit Everything
  2. Tie-Dye
  3. Cuban Collar Shirts
  4. Utility Vests
  5. High Wasted Trousers
  6. Cargo Pants
  7. Accessories
  8. Utility Bags


Note: Not all of these trends may be for you, but you can still take inspiration from them.  Style is all about picking and choosing to make fashion your own thing. 


1) Relaxed Fit Everything

It's time to ditch the skinny jeans and let your balls breathe.  It's now time to get out of our fashion comfort zone and enter our physical comfort zone.  Suiting has become more relaxed, so have the trousers and denim.

This may go against the convention that fit and structure is key, but when done with intentional tailoring, it looks great

Everyone is slowly jumping on the trend and pulling it off in their own way.  This is the good thing about Fashion: branching out and testing your own confidence.

If David Beckham is breaking the fit "rules", so can you

The trend towards looser clothes has been happening for at least two years, and people are now warming up towards it.  So will you, if you look at it with an open mind for long enough.

Comfort is meeting Fashion and we're here for it

To start, you can opt for a pair of straight denim jeans as a good bridge between the baggy and slim fit. 

This just looks great. We don't know what else to say.

Remember, the thing about the relaxed fit is that you need to pull it off in a way that doesn't look sloppy.  It's a hard line to walk, and it's all in the tailoring of the garment.  Don't just buy an XL if you are an M.  You need to buy garments that are indicated as being a relaxed fit.


2) Tie-Dye

Celebs LOVE the Tie Dye trend

Is this trend for you? Possibly.  Tie Dyes are loud, vintage and fun.  They're also fairly easy to style if you are up for it.  You just need to replace that boring tee for a tie-dyed T-shirt and continue with your day.  

Tie Dyes are an easy statement piece to pull off

Hoodies, Jackets, Sweaters, T-shirts and Sweatpants can be Tie-Dyed.  It's all a matter of whether you are willing to branch out or not.  The safest option would be to get a T-shirt, a sweatshirt or a hoodie. 

Tie Dyes can come in simpler, more muted colors too

Most fashion brands are offering Tie-Dyed options in some form or the other.  If you are into Tie-Dye, it would be easy to find something that you enjoy. 


3) Cuban Collar Shirts

Not sure how to else to describe this item, but Cuban Collar shirts are a VIBE.  I mean look at this! 

Cuban Collar shirts scream sexy, just like Channing Tatum

What differentiates these shirts from regular half-sleeved shirt is, surprise, the collar.  Since it just flaps down to the shirt itself, it won't cling to your neck, making it perfect for the summer. 

Yahya Abdul Mateen wears the hell out of a plain Cuban Collar shirt here

The variety of patterns, colors and fits makes this type of shirt perfect for everyone.  The best thing of all, it's super comfortable. 

Cuban Collar shirts are nothing if not comfy, stylish and versatile

These shirts can be plain, patterned, striped and floral.  Speaking for floral, you should check out our coverage on floral shirts in our article on the Fashion Items you must have this Summer.  


4) Utility Vests

When we talk about Vests, we don't mean Waistcoats.  Please, don't confuse them here.


Not these "vests"


The Utility Vest trend comes from the craze of utilitarian fashion, inspired by Military-styled clothing.  Proponents of the utilitarian style include Kanye West, and we will leave it that. 


The Utility Vest does have utility: it has multiple pockets you can use for storage


If the lifejacket comparison springs to mind, we totally understand.  The Utility Vest walks a fine line between looking trash and acceptable.  But, it at least allows you to keep your pockets from bulking up and looking ugly. 


This is a more outlandish example, really


The utilitarian trend has brought with it the harness, the vest and *spoiler alert* the harness-styled body bag.  More on the latter later.  


Many of these vests voyage into fisherman territory


The vest may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is a useful item that can be styled well if done so carefully.  Many fashion brands have their own takes on this item. 


5) High Waisted Trousers

The thing about High Waisted Trousers is that the more you look at them, the better they start to look.  It might be that high waisted trousers are not common around you, but this is something you really should be trying. High waisted trousers are slowly bleeding into the common man's style and they should stay around for a while, so you might as well be ahead of the curve. 


High Waisted and relaxed? This model knows what's up!

Do you remember when everyone used to wear low rise pants below their underwear? That was ten years ago.  Man, we're getting old. 

Somehow, high waisted trousers add a little more oomph to an already fantastic outfit


The high waisted trouser is a classic piece, but it compliments most body shapes.  It makes your legs look longer, making you look taller. 


High Waisted trousers have slowly been making a comeback and how now become a full-fledged trend.  Shown above, this is a picture from Pitti Uomo 2017.


Incorporating High Waisted trousers into your wardrobe isn't a difficult task.  You can wear these trousers instead of your chinos and tuck a t-shirt or a shirt inside.  It's a great look for brunch or dinner.  Oh, and if you tuck a Cuban collar shirt in? *chef's kiss*


6) Cargo Pants 

This is another trend we would have laughed at a few years ago, but Cargo Pants made a splash a year or so ago and have stayed since.  The best thing about them is that they come in a million colors, fits and price points. 

If you're still into skinnier fits, then you can try the slimmer cargo pant

They come from the same utilitarian fashion style that inspired the utility vest. 

If you are liking the relaxed fit trend, then you could combine that and the Cargo pant trend

We hope you're not asking where the utility in a Cargo pant comes from.  We're sure you're not. 

These Cargo Pants are relaxed but structured, making it the safest to pull off

Some Cargo pants have pockets for days, some don't, but they do like very cool.  Maybe that won't stay for long, but as long as they do they make for very interesting street and casual outfits.  Pretty much every fashion brand has a take on the cargo pant. 


7) Accessories 

Men, it's 2020.  A plain tee and denims are just not good enough.  You need to wear a watch at least.  But we're not covering the essentials.  We're covering the trends.  Accessories are trending! Jewelry is trending, and there is a way to put a masculine spin on it. 

A subtle bracelet with a watch elevates the outfit a little more

Many men have embraced Beaded Bracelets. and the accessory trend has now pushed closer to jewelry.  But you're not supposed to do it like a rapper from the bling era, or actually, rappers even now.  It's all about doing it in a subtle, understated way. 

ASAP Rocky wears two bracelets and a necklace but does it subtly.  And yes, we know this is contradictory. 

Metallic bracelets, cuffs and rings have become more and more popular of late.  Wearing these makes even the dullest, most vapid outfit ooze with style.  

Relaxed outfit, cargo pants with a high waist, a cool cuff bracelet and a subtle necklace.  The perfect outfit based on the trends we have shown. 

Men who wear Beaded bracelets tend to go overboard with the number of bands they wear.  However, with jewelry, less is certainly more.  Just one ring, one bracelet and watch.  If you feel like it, you could add an understated necklace and even a T-shirt with denims will look fashionable. 


8) Utility Bags

Utility Bags should be a no-brainer when we have a virus running around in a relentless summer.  Masks are ineffective when they are wet, so it's always advisable to carry an extra.  You also need to carry a sanitizer, and keys, and your wallet, and your earphones.  Why not use a body bag so you can access all of these items and look stylish in the process?

Body Bags are convenient and fashionable

 If it wasn't clear already, this trend comes from that utilitarian trend we can keep bringing up.  It's all about merging convenience and fashion with this trend. 

Don't sit on your wallet and damage your spine. Put it in a bag instead.

The utility bag can be found in a myriad of different styles: the fanny pack, the harness, the saddlebag (don't ask), the bum bag, the body bag and lord knows what else.  

Not every silhouette among these bags will make sense 

Since the body bag comes in so many forms, you just need to find what works for you and your style.  There are so many colors, styles and sizes.  Each fashion brand is providing one.  Pick one so you can be comfortable, and stylish too.



That's all from us! We hope you found some value in this article, and that you will incorporate these items and look even better than you do now.  Not every item may be for you, but this should still offer some inspiration for your next purchases. 

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