7 Fashion Items you MUST have this Summer

UAE's unbearable heat has been around for a few months now, and it's going to be around for a few more.  Now that everyone is stepping out, we think it's time you upgraded your style from what it is used to be to something even better.  Whether you're a fashion nerd or a fashion pleb, it doesn't matter, this article will go over 7 (plus a bonus) items that will help you look your best this summer. 

The key themes that bind these items are versatility and comfort.  You will see that as you venture down.  Enjoy!

Cotton T-shirts

This is a no brainer when you live in a country like the UAE.  Summers are so hot here even being naked won’t help you and, well, you can’t do that anyway.  The best you can do is act civilized by finding a top that works for the summer, and there is no option for the unbearable heat like a cotton T-shirt.

The Cotton Tee is all about comfort.

Cotton is soft, stretchy and durable.  It’s everything you need in a garment for this heat.  You can’t be wearing some stuffy, thick and non-stretchable material! You will pass out from the heat. Cotton won’t let that happen.  It’s a good insulator as it traps air between its fibers and also traps air between the skin and the garment.  This keeps the heat away and provides comfort.

When it comes to T-shirts, plain is the way to go.  Graphic tees are rarely, if ever, a good look.  The only exceptions are band tees or vintage clothes, otherwise stay away from graphic tees if you’re going for a mature, dapper style.  Stick to plain tees as they are easier to style too.

The Cotton Tee can be part of a dapper outfit, like Johannes Huebl showcases here.

Just get a bunch of plain cotton tees, reader.  It’s the most comfortable item to wear in this heat.


Printed Shirts

A printed shirt is the epitome of summer fashion.  This is THE item you want to incorporate if you want to stand out from your peers.  This doesn’t mean we are suggesting you wear a neon or fluorescent colored print shirt (if you want to, however, feel free to do so) just to be unique, but a printed shirt does break the monotony of guys wearing boring T-shirts or flannels all the time.

The "B" in Michael B Jordan stands for "beautiful".

Printed shirts come in a ton of different styles.  Printed shirts can be both short and long-sleeved, but since it’s summer, we suggest purchasing half-sleeved shirts.  And, in our opinion, half-sleeved prints are just more versatile and appear less clownish.

The types of prints include floral, striped, patterned and more adventurous styles that can’t be classified among these three styles.  The shirts can also come in a regular collar and a Cuban collar.

Try branching out your style to include at least a printed shirt or two.  Your style will become so much more exciting, and it’s not that hard to pull off.  When you start, you don’t need to buy a bright red shirt.  You can go for something monochromatic, or a colored shirt with a simple pattern.  Once you get comfortable with them, you will find it easier to go bolder with the prints.

This is an example of a simpler floral shirt.

These shirts are usually quite versatile, as they go with skinny jeans, chinos or even trousers.  For footwear, you could wear simple sneakers, loafers or high top boots.  All of those shoes would work with the printed shirt.  During fall, you could style them with a tank top or a plain tee underneath.  During winter, you could pair it with a bomber or a denim jacket.  The options are aplenty!

Get a printed shirt.  Enjoy the compliments.  Thank us later.


Light Denim Jeans

We think very highly of you, reader.  We believe you know why wearing black in the searing Dubai heat is wrong, so we won’t explain radiation, insulation and the role of dark colors in trapping heat to you.  We just hope you are avoiding dark colors, at least during the day.

The lighter denim won't be stuffy like a black jean, but will look so stylish.

Keep your black and dark indigo jeans for the night (or the winter, really) and opt for lighter washed denims.  The lighter denims won’t be as stuffy as a dark shade.  And, they are about as versatile.  You can opt for a skinny, slim or a straight fit pair.  If you are more of a skinny jean person, consider trying a looser fit as menswear is evolving to a wider, more comfortable silhouette.

Light denims can be lighter shades of blue, shades of grey, or even white.  White pants may seem like too much, but they are basically the summer equivalent of black jeans, since they are just as versatile.  Trust us, it’s not difficult to pull off.  But if you are skeptical of white jeans, a lighter blue would look just as good.

Lighter denims just look more appropriate for the season.

Ditch the dark jeans for this season and be more comfortable.  You will look just as stylish.


White Sneakers

If there is one thing that we could describe as the male equivalent of the “basic b***h” shoe, it is the white sneaker.  Still, it is the most versatile piece of footwear you could get yourself, so it does qualify as an essential.

White Sneakers can be part of a very classy outfit. 

Joggers? Jeans? Sweats? Shorts? Swimming trunks? Trousers? It doesn’t matter how incoherent or boring your outfit is, the white sneaker elevates it in a way few other items can.

White Sneakers don't have to be in plain white.  It can have slight patterns for added personality.

That’s enough praise from us.  Do we need to say more? If you somehow don’t have a pair, this is the time to get it.



We’re just going to say it: only water is more beneficial to your look than a good pair of sunglasses.  Is that an idiotic, unnecessarily bold claim? Yes, but we are making it anyway.

If you don't want to listen to us, you can listen to the master.

Sunglasses frame your face in a manner that gives it the illusion of symmetry.  Shades hide the specific details of your face - like your eyes, a bit of your nose, etc. - that make your face yours. Covering these peculiarities eliminates most of its asymmetry. This balance is what makes you look attractive when you wear shades that suit you.  Also, they cover any dark circles, red eyes, eye bags or black eyes.  If you're ever hungover or didn’t catch the right amount of sleep, sunglasses are an easy fix.  By doing almost nothing, sunglasses can make you look better.

Did we forget to mention that it’s summer? Or that the sun shines brighter than ever? You NEED to cover your eyes from the UV rays.  Overexposure to sunlight is linked to many short term and long term side effects.  Short term effects include swelling of eyes, excessive watering, difficulty looking at lights and blurry vision.

This man here is the perfect example of everything we are talking about: Sexy shades and even sexier shirt.

You need to invest in a good pair of sunglasses.  Your eyes need protection, and cheap sunglasses won’t do that for you.  If anything, they are worse.  They make the eyes believe that it’s darker than it is, making you open your eyes and the pupils wider.  This way your eyes are more exposed to the rays than they would be if uncovered.

Bottom line, Sunglasses make you look good and they shield your eyes from harm.  What’s not to love? Get a pair now!


Baseball Hat

This is how it works.  Too sunny? Wear a baseball hat for shade.  Bad hair day? Cover it up using a baseball hat.  Dull outfit? Spruce it up with a baseball hat.  It’s simple, effective and we love it for that.

The Baseball hat is perfect for a bad hair day. 

That is a decent enough explanation for why you need to buy a baseball hat: practicality and style.

A baseball hat is more mature than other casual hats.  The trucker hat is too specific a look, and the snapback is immature.  A baseball hat is versatile and simple but is also more sophisticated than the trucker hat or the snapback.

The baseball hat is usually monochromatic.  Black is the easiest to style, and if you want more hats, you could always branch out to earth tones or pastels for a bolder look.  These hats also come with various lettering if that’s something you are into.  There are options aplenty!

Don't ask for our opinion on ripped jeans.  The cap is great, though.

Buy a baseball hat! We guarantee it will regularly save you from looking or feeling terrible.


Bonus: Bandana

The Bandana isn’t an essential.  It’s not for everyone, and it’s certainly not for every age group, but we still recommend it.  Just like everything else on this list, the bandana has that one attribute that we love: it’s versatile.

A Bandana could be worn over a mask for a look with more personality.

First, ‘rona hasn’t gone away yet, and cloth masks are common and boring, and medical masks are just ugly.  You could even use it as a secondary mask, with the boring mask underneath.  However, we only recommend this option for nights in crowded areas since it would be very uncomfortable during the day.

Note: A Bandana is NOT a replacement for a regular mask.  Safety is way more important than style.  Stay safe out there.

A bandana is also a stylish accessory that adds a pop of color to an otherwise colorless outfit.  It can give you countless options for styling.  You could tie it around your forehead if you are feeling bold, or you could tie it around your neck.  The latter is a look that can look particularly good if styled appropriately.  You are free to experiment with a bandana since it’s just a piece of cloth.  They are youthful, exuberant and colorful, so consider giving it a shot.

This is Chase Stokes in the Netflix show, Outer Banks, have watched it? If yes, what did you think of it?

Wear a bandanna pretend and you are in a dust-filled concert. It’s not like you’ll get to go one any time soon.



That's all from us! We hope you found some value in this article, and that you will incorporate these items and look even better than you do now.  Not every item may be for you, but fashion is subjective and we find these to be the most essentials for this summer.    

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