13 Men's Hairstyles to try in 2020

Summer 2020 is here! It's the perfect time to brighten things up by freshening your look. And there are few easier ways to reinvent your look than visiting a stylist and coming out with a super sexy new hairdo.

Your hairstyle is an outward expression of who you are, your personal style, and your attitude. If you choose a style that’s dated or a little dorky, you’re gonna burn the wrong impression in people’s minds. This is why you need something that’s in right now. 

Trends are usually hard to keep up with. But looking hip in 2020 is easier than you think because many of this year’s hottest looks are timeless classics that will always remain in style. While most of those are super short to keep things low maintenance, others are edgier and more relaxed. 

We’ve compiled here this year’s most popular men’s hairstyles, and no matter what hair length you’re partial to, you’ll find one you love.

Short Hairstyles

Short styles require minimal care and styling. These hassle-free styles are perfect for you if like your morning grooming to be quick and easy.  

Buzz Cut

If you want to wake up and just get on with your day without fussing about how you look, this style is perfect for you.

Low skin fade buzzcut
You can add a little oomph to this traditional cut by varying how high or low you fade your hair on the sides. 

mid skin fade buzzcut
For a look that says 'Don't mess with me,' go with mid skin fade buzzcut.

high skin fade buzzcut
High skin fade buzzcuts scream you're all business and have no time for mundane BS.

A buzzcut needs regular trims. But you don’t have to run to your barber every week to keep things looking fresh. You can do it from the comfort of your own bathroom. Why else do you think buzzcut has been the go-to quarantine style for men all over?

Crew Cut

Crew cut
Crew Cuts are minimal and elegant. In this military-inspired hairstyle, the top is trimmed short, and the sides are tapered. You can trim the sides yourself once a week, but you’ll have to visit the barber every three weeks to manage the top.

Short Spikes With Mid Fade

short spikes with mid fade
Short spikes with tight fades are trendy and cool. Keep your spikes sticking straight up all day long by using some high hold hair wax.

Short and Messy

short and messy haircut
The short and messy look is effortlessly stylish and easy to care for. Just use some hair creme and style your hair with your hands after showering, and you’ll be all set to go. 

Medium Length Hairstyles

Shorter styles let you get away with poor hair care habits, but medium length hairstyles will show the damage if you neglect them. To keep your hair soft and shiny, apply coconut oil once a week. Shampoo them twice weekly and be extra attentive while styling wet hair to not break any strands. Use only combs to prevent damaging your hair, and keep them looking healthy by getting monthly trims to remove split ends. 


Voluminous and Iconic. This rock ‘n’ roll style suits almost every hair type and can be styled using a coin-sized amount of hair wax using just your hands or a comb.


The larger than life version of quiff, this top-heavy style is recommended only if you’re willing to commit to meticulous styling. Pompadours look best when they're styled using pomades and finished with a high hold hair spray.

Disconnected Undercuts

disconnected undercut
Short on the back and sides, disconnected undercuts are sharp, edgy, and masculine. They’re incredibly versatile and can be worn with a lot of variation by altering the fade on the sides. Opt for an undercut only if you’re cool with constant upkeeps. 


slick back mens haircut
A retro look from the 20th century, this style is smart and polished with a legacy of its own. The sides need to trimmed regularly, but do them yourself using a hair clipper.

Faux Hawk

faux hawk mens haircut
Faux Hawk is for those who care about fitting in, yet want to show they’ re punk rock.


mens fringe haircut
If you can’t be bothered to look like you care, a fringe can make it seem you’re coming straight from the bed. 

Long Hairstyles 

Don’t be fooled into thinking these are a latest fad. For as long as men have existed, long hairstyles have been the standard. 

They’re challenging to manage, and growing them out requires a lot of patience and care. Most people give up halfway because they're unable to deal with the awkward in-between stage. However, if you stick it out and get past this, your style will be envied by most. You’ll obviously need to shower your long hair with a lot more TLC, but just doing the basics diligently should be more than enough. Oil and condition your hair frequently. When it comes to styling your long tresses, keep it simple by just applying some creme or matte paste after towel drying your hair. Going overboard will only make you look feminine.  

Messy Shoulder Length

mens messy shoulder length haircut
If you want to grab eyeballs and make a statement every time you walk into a room, go long and go messy. Use sea salt spray and some hair creme while styling to give this laid back hairdo the volume and texture it needs.  

Man Bun

man bun
Man Buns have lasted long enough to not be called a fad anymore.  Care for your hair diligently by style the edges and stray hairs using some matte paste. While you’re at it, grow a beard too to look like a badass rockstar.

Long Textured Waves

mens long textured hairstyle
THE style to go for if you have aspirations of entering the follicular hall of fame.

If you've been thinking about spicing up your look, consider giving any one of these above styles a shot. But keep in mind that your hair type may not suit certain hairstyles. Show your stylist a screenshot of the style you like and ask if it will work on you. If they think it’s dope, TRY IT! Worst case scenario: you hate it and get it cut. It may take you a little while, though, so be patient! 

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